The U.S. Surgeon General recently enlisted Kylie Jenner’s help to communicate the importance of being safe during this critical time. Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire, from the famous Kardashian family (who I write about in my latest bestselling book: “Celebrity Media Secrets”). And she quickly responded by sharing a video for her millions of followers on social media urging them to practice social distancing.

If you’ve ever wondered: “Why Become a Celebrity?”  It is precisely because of situations like this.  Lending your voice to something positive during a challenging time.  Not only can you be influential in your industry and grow your business but you can help make an impact and a difference in the world.

Celebrity is all about perception and positioning. Becoming a celebrity in your industry will help you attract more customers, increase your profits and expand your business. In addition, it provides you with a more amplified platform to share your important message with the world, or with your local community.  Celebrities inspire movements and change—they are highly  influential and can often make or break a business. Literally, with their simply uttering your name on stage, you can become an ‘overnight success’, and with that usually comes monetary success! And, if you are selling a product on TV, you should know that it doesn’t end when the TV turns off, because selling your products or services online, via social media with video marketing strategies, is one of the best avenues to increasing visibility of your product or brand.   

Celebrities carefully craft their image and message in order to be congruent with their brand and for maximum impact. They incorporate launch techniques in order to sell more movie tickets, live appearances, concerts, books, shows, or anything else they are promoting. These techniques can easily translate to big business success. And they can be learned and applied in business settings in just a few steps.

Now, here’s what’s interesting, celebrities can perform in such a way that one seemingly believes that it is something innate to them or that they are simply “lucky”. But often times we miss what happens ‘behind the scenes’, that is, that what appears to be natural ability or luck is in fact a skill that was acquired over the years by putting in the sweat equity and investing in themselves. Through working hard with a coach they improve their craft so that they can appear natural and perform on-camera and so that they can engage, connect with, and expand their audience, build their brand and business so that they can increase sales of their product or service, all while making it seem so easy and flawless.

So, imagine for a moment that we press the ‘fast forward’ button and it is exactly one year from today, and as you walk into that annual national conference, you know, the one that you always attend, suddenly everyone knows your name, they want to shake your hand and take a selfie with you in the hopes of posting it on social media—almost instantly guaranteeing them 300 likes. Your business was doing well, but ever since you took this amazing media training course, your business has experienced explosive growth, the morning show producers frequently call you so that you can provide expert opinion, knowledge, and information on-air, you are on a first name basis with the producer of your favorite news program, and you’ll be a guest on one of the highest rated TV shows to discuss your new service or book this week. Your NYC agent’s phone is ringing off the hook with requests for media appearances for you, and you’re meeting her later for a business lunch at the trendiest restaurant in the city to discuss an upcoming TV project. Due to how well business has been doing, you feel happier, more relaxed and confi- dent, and have more time to dedicate to your spouse and children, and are planning a 3-week family vacation for next year and you’ll all fly first class. You’re on fire! You are swiftly savoring what it’s like to have celebrity status.

Becoming a celebrity has its benefits and, until now, knowing how to become one was only reserved for the privileged few, the Hollywood insiders, and the mega wealthy and well-connected, but nowadays getting there is a lot easier and accessible than you think. The way I am defining a celebrity as one who not only feels at home in front of a camera, but realizes the importance of presenting on-camera with power, poise, and style, connects with their target market through video and marketing strategies and techniques—and knows that learning these celebrity media secrets is simply one of the best ways to share your message, appear more professional on-camera and on-set, secure more clients, as well as grow and expand your business.

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms have transformed the way we do business.  In addition, it has also transformed our ability to share our message quickly, amplify our reach, while engaging our audience – and these are just are just some of the many benefits. The way to remain competitive is to become the go-to-person in your field. According to a article, The Growth of Video Marketing And Why Your Business Needs It, written by William Craig, online content is now 80 percent video, and “currently companies utilizing video content experience a 41 percent increase in traffic through web searches compared to others who don’t include video in their content strategies.”

Celebrities do things differently and, often times, what they touch turns to gold and they always know just the right things to say to pitch their book, be humorous and incorporate perfect comedic timing, while simultaneously being impeccably dressed and brand representative. That is not coincidental. They have prepared, trained, and are coached, and one of the things they’ve mastered are media secrets, that lead them to success.

Now that you know why it is important, come with me on a journey as I teach you how to accelerate the process of becoming a celebrity in your industry or niche, with ease, even if nobody knows who you are and even if you have never, ever stepped foot in front of a camera before. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, executive or professional and you would like to elevate your brand, grow your business or practice and attract better quality clients, then click here to schedule a 1 on 1 Strategy Call with me or e-mail me:

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